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Beyond Çhemical

..drug me..medicate me..free me from reality..

Beyond Chemical
18 July
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My name is

What I Do: anything you want me to be

Things I Enjoy: Music- techno, hard rock, pop, whatever....bands- Marilyn Manson, bush, switchblade symphony, smile empty soul, type o negative, zeromancer Books-bible, satanic bible, satanic witch, silence of the lambs, a boy called it, Stephen King

What I'm Into: Dark paganism and Satanism are my thing Raving, partying, anything that i could get into trouble doing *shrugs* Writing poems and drawing are my favorite things to do.

What I feel in my Bones: Bad Moon Rising

About Me: Palish Skin (depends on the day) Two 4 gauge piercings on my left ear. One 14 gauge piercing on my left ear. Black hair, Bi-sexual (tend to lean twords guys)