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Broken Minds

Posted on 2006.05.06 at 02:29
Emotions: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Euphony: drive
someone to hold
someone who sold
their soul so long ago
nothing left inside to show
no room left in this world to grow
a tear I could never sow
watching this world flow

the pain in the veins
controls the hearts
so many times over
losing each time
fallen cycles in rhyme
who knew love
could be such a crime
such a sin
a pain waiting to begin

blackened from these before
blackened inside before
over and over
who is the real whore
who’s world tore
the day my mirror fell
before my dreams came true of hell

who belongs to who
who belongs to the one
who could never see
never in touch with reality
scarred flesh beyond dark eyes
who belongs to the one who feels nothing
who belongs to the emptiness
who can help stop this eternal burning

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