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Posted on 2006.08.20 at 13:47
feeling you’re eyes burn me inside
trying to hide these things I feel
the others never heal
hate consumed them
insanity the new law
watch me crawl
fall down before thee
spirits control thee
bound to these things
never meant to be free
tricked death many times before
reality being the ultimate whore
taking burning down to the core
bleeding for me
they are forever a sore

why do you want me
so dirty
can't you see
the pain inside I cause for you
something for you
my love for you
we'd never be true
never never
ending cycles begin again
just as before
before I played the whore
once or more
they were the whore
their wings I tore

hell beyond these eyes
bleed for me dear
listen to these lies
tasting your fear
scream no cries

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