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Posted on 2006.05.02 at 13:21
let the rain fall
broken beyond a vase of mirros
lost within a relm never my own
never getting shit
nothing back
no return
nothing but the black
nothing to lack
losing friends
losing family

Posted on 2006.04.19 at 14:32
......lose yourself within the blood of a blooming rose

"You are as beautiful as a rose.... as a rose you shall wilt and die."

Posted on 2006.04.13 at 00:28
Take this young child
This thing born from light
Teach it to ignore wrong from right
Take away the holy sight
Soak it in our horrid night

Let it pool
Beneath their eyes
Little screams are the
Newborn lies
As it quickly learns
That everything dies

Wrap this present
Close to heart
The child was flowing
Downward from the start
Praying it never falls apart

Strip the child down
Nothing but wings
Then attach the strings
Let it taste the coldness
As each demon sings

unable to tell anymore
between the real and the fake
grew now covers these eyes
nothing left in this soul to take
singing this song
now close to the end
I have come too long
watch my realities bend....


The State Of Things

Posted on 2006.04.12 at 23:59
Emotions: restlessrestless
Euphony: Shoots & Ladders : Korn

Such A Silence Has Torn It Apart

Losing Once Self In The Very Start


Does An Even Darker Heart


tears roll down
in such shame
hiding their marks
is part of the game

fears falling
in each crimson tear
praying the blades
are the only to hear
cutting deeper down
in pain
out of fear


Will I live?
Will I die?
Will I die without a cry?
Is it worth for all that I try?


I love graphics....

Posted on 2006.04.12 at 17:14
Emotions: anxiousanxious

my pet!



Posted on 2006.04.10 at 12:19
A million dreams
In a heartless second
Knowledge never knowing
The true face of fear
Locked away
Are the burning angels
Devil’s eye looks on
Beyond such darkness
A simple kiss would break
Such innocence
All heavens and hells
Bow down before he
Passion is now
The only breath of life
How worried would god be
If no more emotions
Would flow through

Posted on 2006.04.10 at 12:17
I can't believe these things I hear
emotionless and full of life
nothing left in their hearts but strife
I observe
slowly tasting their every fear
hell broke lose so long ago
look at you blind
a broken perfect show

electricity fills the air
sweet laughter all around
never hearing the screams
never a single sound
listen to the children
scared of their natural light
look and understand
why they stand tearless
willing to give their lives in this fight
laughing covers them though
laughter of those gone already
lost in a world of the others
those brainless as you
can't you feel it true
this hue
a sickness you all brew
and your children have not a clue



Posted on 2006.04.07 at 10:55
Current Location: MSTC Liberary Lab
Emotions: contentcontent
Euphony: Humm of Computers
something takes away the breath of death
lost in the night are
everthing so unclear
the clouds cover the dreams
a rapture engulfs the world
lost beyond such logic and reason
a world frozen
flames boil the spirit
a haze clouds good judgement and time
such a crim
letting tears spill forth
let no one know
such silent cries
looking through
those bloodshot eyes
silent cries
silent cries
whisper before all
grows and dies

hear the moon howl its song
daytime is forever wrong
blacken the sun
begin to run
for fate is close behind

what a thought such as this
where nothing seems real
feel nothing on the skin
such a sinful deal
ripping way before it heals
taken down the sings as so many before
so many before shared such blood
so many before play the whore
such a sore
blood blood run
from the cuts of the night
cuts of sight
nothing wrong
nothing right
cycls that ruin it all
so far down
none could fall
broken wings
allow none to fly
watch as it wilts and dies

one last thing before the end
everything slowly begins
Tapping into the greatest energy
a remody
none could find
to this forever
we all must bind
hell froze winter come rain down lost sound forgotten angel lost in light forever and ever prove nothings right

Posted on 2006.02.13 at 10:54
Emotions: hungryhungry
Brown eyes reveal the lies
Deep below
Kept silent cries
Feel the arms
Of warmth and despair
Lost within his
Longing glare
Sensation of the strongest kind
To him
I long to bind
A strength deep within
Yet our way
So viewed as sin
Let it begin
This fight between
What’s wrong and right
A fight between
This inner light
Reach down
My dear
I shall life you up
A pain worth living
This way
All fought
Dare the others
Condemn thee will
Take away my soul
Nothing left in it to sell
Give it away
Before this hell

Come to me
My dear
My sweet
Let me feel
Your soul
Your heat
Burn inside
My deepest fears
Churn inside
For our tears


h a t e m e

Posted on 2006.02.11 at 16:55
Emotions: depresseddepressed
I could never fall far from grace

losing myself in this horrible race

breaking down

my distorted face

a mask of all times

grows weary in my soul

losing itself

trying to feel whole

how could this damnation

feel so real

could I never truly feel

these cuts will NEVER heal

this I seal

feel the pain in my chest

an emptiness that will never rest

trying its best

to overcome me

releasing me

I can't ever be free

I won't ever be me

I won't ever be me

too scared to see

what is truly my reality

just let it drip away

down my arm

in this grey

world that has

thrown me away

I can't breath another day

I can't see any other way

just take this pain away

make this numbness stay

make everything fade away

let me feel no more

nothing but a broken whore

nothing forever more

nothing more

nothing but a forever bleeding sore

nothing ever could feel real

nothing but crimson tears

nothing but consuming fears

just want it to fade from my mind

lost in this binding

lost in this rhyming

lost in finding

another way

to escape this day

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